Erin & Jackson (Inn at Millrace Pond Wedding)

Erin & Jackson's wedding was one of the most genuine celebrations I've ever been a part of. And the venue, The Inn at Millrace Pond, was the perfect, most peaceful place they could've picked, nestled up in the mountains and absolutely sparkling in the morning light. They started their day getting ready in the cutest old, historic buildings, filled with antiques and sunshine. Erin's sisters and Jackson's sisters all got ready together, while their mothers beamed with pride. In a little stone building across the property, Jackson got ready with his brother, father, and friends, all so excited for Jackson to see Erin.

As Jackson waited at the end of the aisle, the bridal party came walking over the wooden bridge and down the path. And when Erin appeared with her father, the love on Jackson's face couldn't have been more evident. They laughed and cried, and said "I do" under an arbor covered with flowers, and surrounded by family and friends. Their happiness was overflowing.

We gathered family and friends together for portraits, and then made our way over to the reception, where their siblings would give speeches, and where the greatest dancing ever would soon take place. The DJ had literally the best mix I've ever heard, and even though I have no rhythm whatsoever, I really had to struggle to keep myself from moving.

Everyone was so ridiculously happy, and I could tell how much Erin & Jackson were loved. Two of the kindest and most genuine people I've ever met, danced under a string-lit-tent with their loved ones, and as the sun set and the stars came out, they celebrated.

So much love, Erin & Jackson. So happy to know you both <3

(Please press play if you're on a computer, so you can listen while you scroll. I know there are a lot of images, but the dance ones at the end are so worth it)