Billeny & Daryl (Manahawkin Backyard Wedding)

Billeny & Daryl's wedding was a dream--exactly what comes to mind when you think of a backyard wedding. The day was so relaxed and everyone was so easygoing, that it made my job a piece of cake. After getting ready, everyone piled into separate cars and headed down the road to an old historic site with the cutest little stone structure. Daryl read a note Billeny had written him as she walked up behind him on the porch. When she tapped him on the shoulder for their first look, my heart literally melted. His reaction to seeing her for the first time was straight out of a movie. I cried.

  • (While shooting portraits I noticed a tattoo Billeny had. It said "I'll be his glass of wine". He has one on his arm that says, "I'll be her shot of whiskey". It's from a song called Honey Bee, which I included in this post.)

We took some portraits and all headed back to their home for the backyard ceremony, where they would stand under the arbor Daryl hand made for this day. Billeny's father hugged her new husband, with tears in his eyes, and then their mothers poured sand into one container--one jar from Puerto Rico where Billeny's family is from, and one from the Jersey shore for Daryl's family. They kissed and took their dogs with them on their walk down the aisle.

After the ceremony was the cocktail hour and everyone mingled and drank, while the sun set and we took some portraits. In one corner there was an entire fenced-in garden that Daryl had built for Billeny, and a bar he made for the reception that night, and a beautiful cake stand for their wedding cake. Most things were handmade by the two of them, and it just made it that much more special.

Everyone ate and danced and drank and sat around the fire and danced some more, under all their string lights and the moon. Here's to forever, Billeny & DJ.

P.S. More backyard weddings please <3

(Press play so you can listen to their song while you scroll!)