Amy & Jason (Bridgewater Wedding)

Amy & Jason's wedding was so full of beauty and color and warmth and happiness. The day began with Amy's relatives helping her get ready. Two women to tie her saree, another to put on her earrings, another for necklaces and bracelets, another to pin her veil in place. I could feel such a sense of beautiful strength and love among these women. When they finished, they took a step back with pride in their eyes and smiled.

A bit later, surrounded by family and friends, Amy & Jason celebrated their love for each other during a beautiful Hindu ceremony. Amy was carried down the aisle on a platform on the shoulders of her loved ones. Various rituals were performed by the priest, and finally the two were one. Joy and flowers were in abundance.

And finally, came the reception. I have never felt as much overwhelming joy as I did from these guests on the dance floor. People of all ages were absolutely on fire. There was so much energy in the room I actually had a hard time not breaking out in dance. But one thing I couldn't hold back was the smile on my face. By the end of the night my cheeks literally hurt from smiling too much. Such a fun time.

Here's to many years of love and happiness, Amy & Jason <3