Dreaming, Escaping, Imagining (Senior Show)

This is a collection of photos I made for my senior art show. This is my statement:

"My work explores the lasting/ever-lingering relationship between our adult selves and our inner child. Ever since I was a child I was finding ways to escape to other worlds, always dreaming, looking for the magic. I believed in fairies, aliens, and the monsters under our beds. I lived in forts and owned more dress-up clothes than anything else.

With all the chaos and unrest in the world today, it is important to find a place to escape to every once in a while. These works each tell a different story of escape from a child's point of view. As a series, they help me to comment on the (surviving) child in us all. I hope the viewer walks away with a feeling of nostalgia, and not a longing for the imagination we once had, but a realization that it will always be a part of us."