about me

new jersey/philadelphia artistic portrait & wedding photographer -- a creative storyteller with a passion for creating more than just snapshots

"I'm marisa ann - an artistic wedding, portrait, and brand photographer-fueled by love-located between Philadelphia & NYC, covering New Jersey and surrounding areas"


The desire to preserve special moments, and make people happy, are what inspire me to shoot. I like creating more than just simple snapshots. I like to capture the mood of the moment and let the raw emotion do the talking, striving to turn each photo into a work of art. 

Traveling, and meeting lovely new people are also my favorite. This life is simply amazing for allowing us to do such wonderful things as these. So let's make it all worthwhile. Let's go an adventure. Let's shoot. Whether it's a portrait session, engagement shoot, or wedding, I'd love to be the one to capture it for you.

Let's make those incredible moments unforgettable. <3

(weddings starting at $1950; contact me for more info)


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